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Skill. Passion. Intelligence.


These are just a few of the traits instilled in the athletes at Hollywood Cheer & Tumble. We are home to some of central Indiana's premier sports trainers. No other training facility offers our combination of high level experience and intense desire to help our trainees succeed!

Hollywood Cheer & Tumble (A Famous Kids Company) was officially formed in October 2010, but the roots of our organization go back much farther. Our company has evolved into a complete training organization. We have the facility, equipment, experience, passion and knowledgeable Coaches/Trainers for cheerleading, tumbling, Warrior Parkour and Weight Training as well as conditioning, agility, and strength training. Hollywood Cheer & Tumble was founded on a true love for cheerleading & tumbling and a dedication to developing athletes both physically and mentally.  We are a premier technical training center that focuses on all aspects of technical development for athletes of all ages and skill levels. We provide a fun, energetic and challenging  training environment that facilitates development.

We believe that in order to make your athlete the best they can be we must provide the best trainers possible. At Hollywood Cheer and Tumble we offer individualized and specialized programs for any age and/or skill level. We are confident that our program will bring out the best in each athlete and will provide them with the best opportunity to reach their full potential. At Hollywood Cheer & Tumble, our trainers enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion with any athlete who loves their sport and is dedicated to their development.


                        OUR FACILITIES


Hollywood Sports center is a state of the art facility located at 12345 Old Meridian in Carmel, IN, 


Hollywood Cheer & Tumble also hosts many tournaments, drawing teams from all over the Midwest.


We want Hollywood Cheer and Tumble to be your home for growth,  learning, and fun!


Here are a few highlights of what we have to offer: 


  • 15,000 Square Feet of Fun

  • Multiple TV Monitors for You to Watch

  • Party Room

  • Plenty of Parking

  • Individual and Group Training (Cheerleading, Hip-Hop Tumbling)

  • Fitness Instruction


  • 2 Tumble Track Trampoline 

  • 3 sets of floors

  • Bounce House

  • Rod Floor

  • 2 above ground resi pits

  • Preschool Area 

  • Mirrored wall

  • Play room 

  • Full Sound system 

  • Cartwheel Cafe

  • Air Conditioned building 

  • Big Windows for lots of natural light

  • Parents viewing area 

  • Wi-fi

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam blocks

  • Friendly Staff

  • Clean facilities 

  • Apparel Shop

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