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Private-Group Lessons 


Our Private Lessons are the cornerstone of our offer through Hollywood Cheer and Tumble. We offer private lessons and group training for Cheerleading, Tumbling, and Dance. We have a talented staff of coaches with collegiate and professional coaching experience in various sports! 

Before beginning private coaching, we require registration and an annual update fee.


When scheduling a lesson, we are flexible and try our best to work around your availability. It also depends on the coach you are requesting. Most of our classes take place during the following time slots: 


+ Monday-Friday after 4:00 pm-9:00 pm 

+ Saturday between 9:30 am-9:00 pm

+ Sunday between Noon-9:00 pm


We base our cost on how many days/hours a week you want. Below is a cost breakdown as well as the packages we offer:


+ 1 student:  $50/half hour 

+ 2 students: $100/half hour

(All private must be prepaid monthly)


Our private lessons, and group clinics, consist of the following:


+ Dynamic Warm-up

+ Conditioning & Agility Workout relating to their sport

+ Skill Development (focused on the player's weaknesses)

+ Athlete Workout of the Day. (A timed workout that allows the athlete to benchmark themselves for the futur

Hollywood Cheer & Tumble launched our Programs in April of 2004 as a means to further extend our commitment to and support of the families whose children learn and grow within our quality programs. As a training center, we creatively explore opportunities to further add value to the total educational experience of our students. We continue to seek opportunities to enhance that experience for each child.



Athletic Development Clinics

These are one of the cornerstones of the HSC programs. We focus on clinics for, Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Baseball/Softball, and SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness) Clinics.


We have a talented staff of coaches who have collegiate and professional playing, and coaching, experience in a variety of sports! 

Below highlights all of the types of clinics we can provide!

For more information on the Clinics, we offer please contact us at, or call us at 317-818-8480 



Below highlights all of the types of camps we can provide! We focus on camps for Cheerleading, Tumbling, Dance, and SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness) Camps. We have a talented staff of coaches who have collegiate and professional playing, and coaching, experience in a variety of sports! 



We offer Fundamental, Skills & Drills, and Cheerleading Camps throughout Indiana. If your child wants to improve his/her Cheerleading skills join us for one of our Summer, Spring, or Winter Break Camps! Beginning cheerleaders will focus on building knowledge and demonstrate proper stunting, motions, jumps, and tumbling. We will also explain all the rules of the USASF. Advanced cheerleaders will focus on skill sets with harder skills. Every camp includes individual and team competitions! Join us for one of America's fastest-growing sports! 



Do you play Basketball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, or any other sport? Want to improve your footwork, balance, speed, and agility in your respective sport?  Our Conditioning, Agility, and Strength Camps will put your body through a variety of drills working on key components that will be separated into three parts: SCP (strength, conditioning, power), SAQ (speed, agility, quickness), and CBIP (core, balance, injury prevention). Our lead CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)  and guest coaches bring experience and high energy from working with other coaches, and other College Athletes, to helping develop the proper foundation for today's youth to help develop young kids athletic skills. 


These fun-filled camps are perfect for our Foundation Athletes (Pre-2nd Grade) and for the sports-minded kid. We offer two main types of multi-sport camps:


Mini-Ones Fun 4 All Camp (Ages 4-7) – No pressure - just lots of fun! Remember the days of playing capture the flag with the neighborhood kids? How about picking up teams and playing kickball on the old sandlot? If you love backyard/physical education games, this class is for your child! Register for this camp and HW coaches will lead your child through a variety of sports and games including soccer, kickball, dodgeball, capture the flag, and many more. Come out and have some good ol’ backyard fun!


Mini- Ones 5-Sport Camp Ages 4-7)  – All about the basics! Your child will learn the basics of Cheerleading, and Tumbling Each day of the week we will switch sports to give your child a basic overview of every sport! The camp will also focus on improving motor skills and overall physical fitness while your child goes through fun agility routines. This is a great camp to introduce your child to 2 different sports! Hollywood Cheer and Tumble coaches are committed to making sure the kids have fun in a safe, pressure-free environment. “Our goal is to help increase your child’s confidence through sports!” 

For more information on the Camps, we offer, please contact us at or call us at 317-818-8480

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